When was the last time you saw a celebrity wearing braces?


For almost thirty years, select orthodontists have used Invisalign to give people perfect smiles—without braces!

Why Invisalign over braces?
  • Virtually invisible: no worry about your looks!
  • Take them off whenever you need: no special toothbrushes, no stuck food!
  • No wires or metal to adjust: like disposable contacts, every week, simply throw away the old aligners and put on the new ones!

Why do people love Invisalign?
  • No worries about wedding photos, senior pictures, or ever having to worry about smiling in a picture!
  • Do more: easy to play musical instruments, sing, perform, and more!
  • No emergencies: each aligner is custom-formed thermoplastic that you can take off at any time. Never worry about accidents and emergency visits!
  • Fewer appointments
  • No Food Limitations
  • You can watch your progress and see end result on Invisalign site
  • Comfort
Who can use Invisalign?

Just about everyone!

Invisalign has continued to improve its technology and processes so that today, nearly anyone can choose Invisalign instead of conventional braces.

Who can provide Invisalign?

Only select orthodontists can provide great results with Invisalign—and not only are both Dr. Sherman and Dr. Balhoff specialists, but Invisalign Elite Providers, the highest level of expertise possible.

How easy is Invisalign?


With iTero digital scanning, there are no gooey impressions to bite down on. You simply sit there while we do an easy 3D scan.

Since its immediate, you spend less time waiting for results and more time getting your smile perfect!

It costs more than braces, doesn’t it?


In most cases Invisalign costs are comparable to traditional metal braces.

If I’m a parent, how do I know if my child wears their Invisalign aligners like they’re supposed to?

It’s hard to hide. With every visit, we can accurately track usage, using a system of compliance indicators which are embedded directly in the aligners. They can’t cheat technology! Not only does Invisalign Teen have compliance indicators built in but also includes up to 6 free replacement aligners.

How do I get started?

It’s easy!

Call to set up your complementary consultation to see get started with Invisalign.