Anyone who has ever experienced braces knows that sometimes, emergency orthodontic care becomes necessary. At Sherman & Balhoff Orthodontics, you’ll have full access to our orthodontic specialists who use their years of training and experience and our modern orthodontic treatment tools to solve emergency orthodontic issues. If you think you are experiencing an orthodontic emergency, please call us at (225) 769-1276.

What To Do In An Orthodontic Emergency 

In an orthodontic emergency, remaining calm and collected will serve you better than panicking. Staying calm helps you to assess the situation and the specific issue and allows you to reach out for the right kind of assistance. In cases that may be immediately life-threatening, such as those involving blood loss or major trauma, you will always want to call 911 for emergency assistance.

Other emergency orthodontic situations may involve some pain but may not be life-threatening. In these situations, one of the best options can be to give our specialists a call here at Sherman & Balhoff Orthodontics. We will quickly schedule an emergency appointment and provide immediate care when you need it the most.

By calling us for emergency orthodontic care, you will also receive interim instructions that can help you manage symptoms and lessen pain until you come into the office. Our orthodontists have the experience and knowledge to guide you through an orthodontic emergency with compassion and expertise.

Common Orthodontic Emergencies 

Tooth emergencies cause a lot of stress and, depending on the severity, may require immediate professional attention. Some commonly seen orthodontic emergencies include:

  • Loose bracket: Brackets attach to teeth using a unique adhesive. Sometimes, this adhesive fails, causing a bracket to become loose or even disconnected from the tooth. Contact our orthodontists quickly to avoid prolonging your time with braces.
  • Shifted wire: If the wire of your braces sticks out of the backmost bracket, it may irritate your gums or cheeks. You don’t just have to live with this pain and discomfort. Schedule an emergency orthodontic appointment, and we’ll trim away the excess wire.
  • Broken bracket, band, or wire: Modern braces are durable, but accidents happen. If the wires or brackets of a set of braces break, these loose pieces can cause discomfort, pain, and even injuries if the patient is unaware. 

Emergency Orthodontic Care

If you find yourself in an orthodontic emergency, you can always count on our orthodontic specialists to provide fast emergency care using our cutting-edge technologies. Whether your crisis involves a loose bracket, a protruding wire, or another type of emergency, we stand ready to help you back to a pleasant orthodontic experience as quickly as possible.