Your orthodontic treatment plan includes six months of follow-up visits and one final set of retainers to help ensure that your orthodontic result and investment are maintained.

In addition, we offer Retainer Insurance and Teeth Whitening.  Please see below for details.

Retainer Insurance Plan

We understand that keeping up with your retainers can be tough.  To help, our team offers a Retainer Insurance Plan for $495.

This plan covers the cost of lost or broken retainers for 5 years, starting on the day that your appliances are removed. Patients treated with both braces and aligners are eligible for this plan.

Key benefits of this plan include:

  • An additional set of retainers at your 6-month dismissal appointment
  • Significant savings in the event of lost or broken retainers
  • Up to 4 replacement retainers per year
    • Additional retainers per year will be $50 each
  • Our office visit fee of $75 will be waived during the 5 years of coverage for each visit.

The usual costs for retainers and office visits are:

  • $150 per each clear retainer
  • $150 per each bonded fixed retainer or repair
  • $75 per each office visit

*In the event retainers are not worn and tooth movement has occurred, an additional fee for orthodontic treatment may be necessary.  

To ensure efficient retainer delivery, please bring your 3D-printed model to your appointment.

This retainer plan is exclusive to the practice of Sherman and Balhoff Orthodontics.

Teeth Whitening Systems

We have 3 whitening options.

  1. A one-hour Philips Zoom teeth whitening in-office treatment – $500 – (includes whitening trays and whitening gel) 
  2. Whitening trays and whitening gel – $179
  3. GO Whitening – $79

Philips Zoom teeth whitening

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*Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, or patients under the age of 13.

Tooth whitening gel

We offer whitening gel that includes 3 syringes of 22% Carbamide Peroxide. You will need whitening trays or clear retainers to place a small amount of gel in each tooth of the tray.

GO Whitening

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