First and foremost, we are open because we feel it is safe for you to come in because of the many efforts we are taking to sanitize our practices. Here are a few important things your orthodontist wants you to know during this time:


1. Your oral health is representative of your overall health. Now isn’t a time to let it slide.

Orthodontists routinely utilize appliances such as springs, coils and memory wires that apply continuous forces to the teeth and jaws and for this reason it is critical to physically monitor and adjust the appliances.

Additionally, leaving misaligned teeth untreated may lead to other dental problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, abnormal wearing of tooth enamel and difficulty chewing.

2. We are taking more precautions than ever for the safety of patients and team members:

      • Wearing the proper PPE

      • Practicing physical distancing etiquette

      • Cleaning and disinfecting even more often than in the past

      • Asking screening and triage questions

      • Checking temperatures

3. Our patients’ health is our top priority. If we are open, it is because we feel it’s safe for you to come in.

  1. Our mission is to keep everyone safe, patients and team members, while continuing to provide quality orthodontic care. If we are open, rest assured that any infection control precautions and changes are designed for your protection and that of our team members.

    4. Dentists and orthodontic specialists have always been leaders in infection control and preventing the spread of diseases.

    As oral health professionals, we are leaders in safely practicing with blood borne pathogens and respiratory pathogens. We are taking all the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations and implementing them in our offices.

    5. As oral health professionals, we continue to stay on top of new safety protocols.

    We continue to educate ourselves and staff on new safety protocols as well as update our infection control protocols to ensure they align with the CDC and any other applicable guidelines. After all, our number one priority is to deliver orthodontic care in a safe environment.