Christina was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in May 2017. Being the mother of two young children, it was a struggle to navigate the new reality of living with such an unpredictable and at times, debilitating disease. Instead of letting MS take control over her life, she took control of it and made the important decision to get involved with the MS Society.

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Christina’s Story



Christina became an active member of the On the Move luncheon committee and was the keynote speaker for last year’s Baton Rouge luncheon. She is also on the Walk MS: Baton Rouge committee and has her own team which has been one of the highest fundraising teams the last couple of years. After participating in MS Action Day at the Louisiana State Capitol, she became a District Activist Leader for the National MS Society for Baton Rouge. She has organized and attended meetings with local Congressional leaders to discuss legislature that could help improve the lives of people living with MS.

Just last week, she represented Louisiana at the MS Society’s Public Policy Conference in Washington D.C. She met with several legislators on Capitol Hill where she shared her story. When she was told the Baton Rouge Luncheon was being cancelled, she decided to take matters into her own hands in order to continue fundraising for MS research in the Baton Rouge area. She founded the Knock Out MS Foundation and on August 22, 2020, she is hosting the inaugural Knock Out MS Gala in downtown Baton Rouge.

In its first year, the gala should have around 300 attendees and has several local sponsors. She single handedly created this event with the hopes of making it an annual staple for raising money to fight for a cure. Through her efforts on committees, fundraising and advocacy, she is hoping to improve the lives of people currently living with MS and pave a brighter path for future generations of people diagnosed with this disease.