Our number one goal at Sherman and Balhoff Orthodontics is to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, the one that gives you the confidence to achieve your biggest goals in life, and the one that also allows you to encourage others to do the same.



While there are many obvious reason you should be smiling, there are quite a few reasons that might surprise you.

  1. Smiling can put you in a better mood.  Yes, even fake smiles can help.  Next time you are feeling down simply put on a smile and see if you feel better.  We bet you will.

  2. You can reduce stress by smiling.  Smiling while stressed can lower your heart rate leading you to a much calmer state of mind causing your stress to be reduced.

  3. Smiling is contagious.  Say you are walking in the store and someone you don’t even know smiles at you.  Without thinking you smile back. BOOM!  A stranger just helped you lower your stress level and put you in a better mood.

  4. Smiling can help you perform better and be more productive at work or school.  When you smile you are more likely to stay in a more positive mindset, which allows you to stay focused and on task.

  5. Having a smile on your face makes you appear to be trustworthy and approachable.  This leads to more friendships and more smiles. A true WIN-WIN!