Retainer Insurance Plan

Sherman & Balhoff Orthodontics offers a Retainer Insurance Plan to our patients to cover the cost of lost or broken retainers for 5 years after braces are removed. This $550.00 investment can greatly reduce the cost to parents/patients for replacement retainers.

Key Benefits:

• Significant savings in the event of lost or broken retainers. This includes clear retainers or bonded fixed retainers.
• The plan is especially valuable for our patients that may not always take the best care of their retainers.
• We will provide 3D printed models showing your smile at its straightest. We encourage patients to keep this model as it will help make a replacement retainer in a timely fashion.
• The plan is limited to no more than 4 replacement retainers per year.
• You may choose to participate in the plan even after your braces are removed (with exception to Phase 1 treatment)
• In the event retainers are not worn and tooth movement has occurred, additional orthodontic treatment may be necessary to realign. A fee will be presented for additional treatment.